Monday, May 13, 2013

Teaching Point: A Moment's Pause

Today in class, talking, teaching, trying, I was deeply moved and touched by a writer who struggles to find her story.  Tears fell as we meandered around together, as a community, in search of the story she trying to tell and how she might tell it.

These are the questions that arise again and again for the storyteller.  For the memoirist, it's often a vulnerable question because it's about the hidden teaching within, that terrible gift, that awaits an opportunity to spring forward.   Life has been lived but what did that life mean to the soul?  The story is the answer.  And the soul isn't much about trite matters.  In my view, the soul is about the most serious matters we must address.  Wisdom, balance, insight, surrender, connectedness, love.  To get to these matters, we must, in the end, write about our heartbreak.  What could be more difficult?  We are so fragile.  But I also know, we are so strong.

This fine student with good skill will find her way.  We all will.  We have no choice.  We are the storytellers.  We bring comfort to the reader in the cold night while fear lurks around in the shadows.  We bring comfort, insight, peace and connection.  Our stories let others know they are not alone.  What better life?  What better path? 

In this last year, I've seen my memoir/fiction teachings grow to remarkable levels thanks to the faith placed in me by David Biespiel at The Attic. Fifty students a week, a dozen active consults. My own writing takes off, inspired by the writing I take in each week. 

This small writing is to send out great thanks to everyone who comes to see me, who puts faith in my guidance and who has the courage to write. 

 Thank you. 

~ Jennifer

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So fragile. So strong.

That says it all.


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