Monday, October 05, 2015

Bones of Storytelling - Audio Class

Every time Jennifer opens her mouth, I learn something!  
~ Eddie Leuken

This is a truly extraordinary audio class that will change everything about the way you think about writing and your own work.  You buy it, you receive the files with audios, handouts and instructions, and you start learning! Beginner to advanced, all who take this class are blown away.  You will leave 100% clear about what needs to happen to finish your novel, essay, short story or memoir. Learn how and why to reach the reader. Leave empowered with tools to finish a quality draft. 
You will learn: 
  • The seven basic plots
  • Three/four and five part structure systems
  • Story concept and theme
  • Seven character types
  • The four dimensions of antagonism
  • How to find your controlling idea as a result of the climatic action

Let creativity and advance planning work together.  Save yourself years of confusion, wasted time, frustration and rejection.  Leave this class with clarity, knowledge and a plan to finish (and publish) your novel, memoir and/or short story/creative non-fiction collection.

COST: $220.00
OR: Send me an email, and I'll get you an address to send a check.

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