Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cloie Cohen - Studio Manager

Cloie Cohen - Administration/Consulting

I've been blessed to have Cloie on my team for almost a decade now.  She's been with me as a student, creating her terrific memoir, and also helping me coordinate special events.  She is kind, but also direct in her style of feedback and support.  

At The Studio, she is the administrator of The Urban Retreat, and Studio III.  She also co-manages workshops, and communications between students.  Cloie has a degree from PSU and works as the Community Coordinator at Childpeace Montessori, where she's been on staff since 1998.  

As a consultant on your writing project, Cloie offers on-point and practical feedback.  She also offers terrific, positive advice on how to grow your work to the next level.  With Cloie, you feel heard and supported. 

Contact me for details on how to work with Cloie.  

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