Saturday, November 26, 2016

Publishing Workshop - Spring 2017

Holly Lorincz - Visiting Instructor

I met Holly a couple years back when she was a young agent and long time editor.  I was impressed by her poise and focus.  I invited her to teach to a group of students I was working with and found she was generous, open and kind.  Honest and ambitious too.  

She presented again at The Blackbird Studio on June 4th and talked about preparing manuscripts for agent and editor review.  She will return in Sept. for a repeat performance of her class, Preparing Your Work for Submission, and she'll do an advanced course as well, for those who are ready to work their first chapter and query letter. 

Holly is a professional editor and owner of Lorincz Literary Services. She works with debut and bestselling authors, publishing houses, and the MacGregor Literary Agency, where she agented for three years. Holly's also an author, ghost writing a range of published books, from memoirs to novels to prison survival handbooks, and is the published author of her own, hilarious novel, Smart Mouth, which is optioned for a TV series.  

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