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Bones of Storytelling - 2017

You are such an amazing teacher. I am experienced and published, but when I came home I immediately started revising my novel. First chapter? Gone. Plot points? There. Heroine taking charge? You bet. You worked your ass off...we writers sure appreciate it. ~ Sue Lick

This class is the result of five years of study on story.  I've broken down the parts into simple sections with exercises to help you learn how to understand and apply each part to the whole.   Concept, theme, plot, structure, character, antagonistic forces, and setting.  You will learn to organize your fiction or creative non-fiction with the reader in mind.  You will leave with examples, handouts, and tools to fine two your current draft or create your first!


Fri:  6:00-9:00     Concept & Theme

Sat: 10:00-4:00    Plot and Structure

Sun: 10:00-4:00   Character, Antagonistic Forces, Setting

Books and Prep for Class:  

Story Engineering by Larry Brooks.
Story by Robert McKee
The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker
13 Ways of Looking at the Novel by Jane Smiley (for the particularly ambitious!) 

Please dig in and read about Concept, Theme and Structure, in Story Engineering. Read about the seven basic plots in Booker.  Read Chapter 14 in Robert McKee.  If you go as far as getting the Smiley book, read A Novel of your Own PI & II.  

If you DO NOT want to invest in these books, please don't worry. I'll have my copies, hand outs, and you can share with others.  Also, if you are balking at pre-reading, DO NOT WORRY! This suggestion is for those who want to get a jump on the class.  

Write a summary of your project and a bio on yourself. Tell me what you are trying to create, what has thwarted you, and what your writing goals are. Also include some background on yourself. Please do not stress about this exercise.  Just do your best! 


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