Saturday, March 04, 2017

What's Going On?

If you are coming to this page as a Studio student, we've moved.  Go to the new site by clicking here.'ve got my blog! And this is the first post! Welcome. 


People often ask, "Why do you write?"

Rilke, in his fine book Letters to a Young Poet, says it best.  If it were denied me to write, I would die!

Once it hit me that I would, in fact, perish without a regular writing practice, I made huge changes in my life. First, I accepted I may never see another dime from my creative efforts. Second, I asked my kids to get onboard and we downsized and simplified our lives. This meant letting go of a 3000 square foot house. Some expensive perks. The flashy car. Third, I went the business of literary teaching as a way to nestle closer to my writing curiosities with a group of like-minded thinkers. Fourth, I set time aside, everyday, to write. And write I did!  I've completed a novel, and a memoir (this one now being edited).
But it's not all good news. I have to tell you straight that I slipped from away from my commitment, was actually tempted away by the worst seduction of all: a man, and his promises, and diamonds...but wait. I'll write more about that later. Check in again in a few days and read what it took to make it back to shoreline of my creative life again.

~ Jennifer

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